Paxton House, Home Farm Road, Brighton, BN1 9HU

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Paxton is a global manufacturer of electronic security products. Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Paxton manufacture locally and export to over 60 countries worldwide.

With over 30 years of experience, we put our core values of simplicity, quality and honesty at the heart of everything we do.

Be one of the first to come and experience our state of the art test facility.

Product testing at Paxton

Product testing has always been a fundamental part of Paxton’s engineering philosophy. Following the opening of the Paxton Technology Centre in 2017, the company recognised the need to invest in a world-class test facility. This was realised with the opening of the Paxton Test Facility in July 2019.

Brett Glass - EMC

"We seek to provide a world-class EMC test facility suitable for both pre-compliance and self-certification purposes"

Stephen O'Rourke - Environmental

"We are excited to offer bespoke environmental testing for your products at our fantastic new facility"

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